Price Transparency Is

Moving Forward. Are You Ready?

With federal requirements for expanded price transparency taking effect next year, there's no time to waste in rolling out a response plan. Typically, an effort of this magnitude calls for outside support. But is a “big box” access vendor the right choice for a partner, or would a “boutique” vendor like SSI —with customizable solutions and personalized support—be a better fit? Take the quiz below to help decide.


What kind of implementation and service model do you prefer?
I’m not that special. Feel free to treat me the same as every other client.
I want a vendor who remembers my name...and maybe even my dog’s name too.


Which approach to price transparency would you consider ideal for your organization?
If we’re doing the bare minimum to maintain compliance, that’s good enough for me.
Empower consumers! I want patients to be able to easily obtain estimates via our website.


What level of accuracy would you like to achieve for service estimates?
Nothing’s perfect, right? Your best guess is better than mine.
Every penny counts. Give me contract and historical charge-based estimates!


How do you hope to drive conversations with your patients?
No harm in letting our registrars add their flair to things. Or is there?
Financial discussions can be awkward. We’ll take all the prompts we can get.


What type of estimate letters would you like to be able to send to patients?
Doesn’t bother me if they’re not dynamic. Patients won’t know the difference anyways.
Logo, verbiage, disclaimers ... I want the ability to tailor our letters as much as possible.
The SSI advantage:
As a boutique access vendor, people matter most to us. SSI Estimation equips hospitals and health systems to maintain regulatory compliance while developing trust and transparency with patients. Our unparalleled service and support empowers providers so they can empower patients in return.